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About us41399

My name is Neilton and from Soneike, Kuilsrivier in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m a boerboel fanatic since the first day I laid my eyes on the first boerboel I saw in 1993. Since then my brother Roland and I went to appraisals in Grootbrakrivier, Caledon, Worcester and Malmesbury respectively to scope out ,and admire these fine specimens. I’ve surf the net almost every day to view these fine animals. Roland joined the SABT in 2000 and I shamelessly in 2005.


I've never thought that a person could have a passion and addiction at the same time, until I was introduce to the Boerboel. Our first boerboels were Sasha and Lumo, two brothers in 1994, in Knysna, my Home Town. Sadly Sasha was put down on the 26 December 2006 at the tender age of 12 years due to HD, he'll be deeply missed. Lumo died of cancer 6 months prier to his brother Sasha. My second Boerboel is Mufasa, with allot of begging, Lukas Van Vuuren of Spitsvuur Boerboele let me have him, which I am very greatful, for his kindness and generosity.


Mufasa was born on 4 January 2006.Depending on the outcome of the screening(HD A2:A2 (0:0) ED 0:0)  and appraisal(84.7%), he will be first in line as breeding Sire for my intended Breeding Stud.The latest addition to my kennels is Xandra Sarabi, she was born on the 21 January 2007.I am glad to announed that Sarabi's HD and ED score is a replica of Mufasa's and also clean.She scored 81.4% .To addition she is also clean of VP and En and Extropion.  With the knowledge that I’ve gain over the last couple of years from many breeders, across South Africa, I’ve made a decision to start breeding. The new challenge excites and scares me, to step in unfamiliar grounds. With the knowledge and backing of many breeders I know that I will make a success of the challenge that a waits me.I will follow the gide lines of the SABT, to improve the pheno and genotype and the ennoblement of the boerboel worldwide.

My Kids and I


This page and site is dedicated to my very supportive family that gave me the opportunity to live my first dream, which is my family, and my second dream the Boerboel. To my wife Hayley, daughter Kaylan and son Jayden thank you for letting me live my dreams. You are my pillars in this life and with out you I’m incomplete.

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